Sunday, 27 April 2014

Difference Between web application, site collection and sites ?

Basically only difference between web application , site collection and site is understandable by SharePoint Hierarchy.

SharePoint Hierarchy:

To create site collection you need at least web application.

Site Collection:

  • Site collection is logical container of multiple sites within a web application.
  • Grouping sites in site collections allows those sites to share content, administrative settings, security rules, and, optionally, users and groups.

Top Level site:

  • Top level site is also termed as site.
  • Each Top Level Site has zero to many sub-sites (simply called sites)


  • Sites are simply inherit from site collection.
  • These are treated as child's of site collection.
  • A site can be a top-level site or a sub site of the top level site.
  • A site can also have other sites – these are called sub-sites.

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