Tuesday, 1 April 2014

How to assign Roles in SharePoint 2013

Types of user role in SharePoint 2013:

Global administrator:

Role you get after signup in SharePoint 2013 have controlled to assign different roles to the user, can do any amendment in SharePoint portal. There can be more than one global administrators assigned by first global administrator.

Team site administrator:

Team site administrator have only concern with team site can use website designer tool to design the website.
team site administrator cannot remove the global administrator but global administrator can remove the team site administrator. They can add user to team site.

Site users:

Site users can edit their profiles cannot use website design tool. they have no access to administrator portion.

Admins by group:

Default Groups:

Here are the default groups that come with SharePoint Online for professionals. If there are too many users who have same roles assigned by admin rather than assign one by one assign to whole group.

How to assign roles and permissions in SharePoint 2013?

Step by Step:

1: Site settings.
after clicking gear symbol then select site settings.

2: add people or make group

If you dont have already users or groups then follow this step else ignore.

3: Groups

Then click group on extreme left.

4: New group

5: Create group

After creating group you can add users in specific group.

6: Site settings

Now again select site settings to assign permissions.

7:Site permission

8: Select Group

select specific group then click edit user permission.

9: Edit Permissions

Here you can select which type of permissions you have to give to selected group. Select the permissions to assign to the group and clear the permissions you want to remove, and then choose ok

Individual level permissions:

1: Permission level:

If you like to apply permissions on individual user or group follow these steps. If you have no idea which permissions what functions can perform, you can edit it and examine it.

2: Editable default permission levels

3: Test Contribute

You can select any permission level, i have selected contribute. Now you can examine what functions can be performed by default contribute level. You can enable/disable a specific permission in each permission level.

Create New Permission level

If you want to create your own permissions level it is also possible in 2013 SharePoint.

1: New Permission level

Give any name to your new permission level. select the options you want in your level.

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