Friday, 27 January 2017

Business Workflows in SharePoint

1: Content Management explained in this Blog (Content Management).

How its 3 Tier Architecture?
Business workflow is main pillar of SharePoint to automate operations of your Business. As we know 3 tier have Presentation tier, Business Logic tier and Database tier. Business logic mean Logic as per your business for this Microsoft introduced Business workflows in SharePoint.

Lest discus another functionality of SharePoint.

2: Business Workflows?
Lets break this word between workflows and Business workflows.

  • What is Workflow?

Workflow is an automatic process which trigger after specific condition. For example company with 5000 employees have attendance machine after month end during payroll process it gets attendance from machine and calculate salary of each employee if you have to do it manually how much time you need? allot of man power requires to do this and you can't give salary on same day.

 For this purpose you just have to configure workflow for first time by applying different checks. I explained a very simple workflow for your understanding but you can handle complex scenarios using workflows in SharePoint Like Procurement etc.

  • Business Workflows:

Now combine these words Business Workflows. In workflow explanation we have created a generic workflow will work for all companies.

Now Business workflow, automation according to your business. Like your company deduct 2% of your salary if you get late and 4% if you get off without leave but if you have non avail leaves automatically minus from leaves, not % deduction from your salary.

Advantages Of SharePoint Workflows:

  • You don't need to write code for workflows, SharePoint (Nintex workflow) gives you graphical representation to automate your business.
  • If you have to write code you needs month to do this but using Workflow you can automate process in day. 
3rd Functionality is Best thing of SharePoint 2013 You will love it.

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