Thursday, 26 January 2017

Final Year Project Ideas in SharePoint.

Don't worry by reading these names, things are very easy just study once. If you are looking for to select FYP you may develop any of this module using any technology. Like Content Management System, Business Workflows etc.

SharePoint Functionalities:

SharePoint is Combination of these given fields:
1: Content Management System
2: Business Workflows
3: Indexing and Search
4: Enterprise Integration & Collaboration
5: Business Intelligence
6: Portals

1: Content Management System:

SharePoint as Content Management System, CMS have these basic functionalities so you will get these all in SharePoint.

As per my this blog SharePoint As Document Management System i have explained regarding Document Management System but SharePoint not only save documents but also any kind of Content like pdf, Excel, images, HTML etc. So SharePoint is Content Management System. SharePoint have all these above functionalities create content of any type then measure quality, storage space etc then develop means save this content, optimize if created content is working efficiently or not. Deliver this content to production. Manage this content to control visibility or other operations like Create, Update or Delete Permissions. In future if you need to update this content you can do it easily.
You can also integrate workflows with these operations to perform specific task on specific conditions. 

Thanks for your time. If you will have any query feel free to comment here. Thanks

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  1. I need to create a state machine wf using the farm solution in my
    sp 2013 ent env & vs 2013. Can you pls help me how to create this & implement with custom content types?