Saturday, 28 January 2017

Algorithm we study How Microsoft Implemented in SharePoint?

SharePoint have allot of other functionalities i already explained in this blog: SharePoint 2013 Other Functionalities

Now we are going to discuss 3rd Functionality of SharePoint Indexing and Search.

3: Indexing and Search:

Searching option in SharePoint is very efficient to search anything like Document, Username, Site etc. SharePoint provides you ability to search from unstructured and structured content. Structured content means content with primary key save in SQL db. unstructured means without primary key. Search option not only bound to search only connected db you may access data from external AD server and you can configure this search from GUI of SharePoint.

When user enter any word to search how SharePoint search work?

It depends on your technical person who implemented SharePoint in your organization how much access he have assigned you. Like when you enter word to search it checks boundaries like it should be at site level, document level or at list level etc.

You can also set priority level , if specific group of users enter word first search at site level they have access if not found start traversing to other sites. It also enhance the search performance.

SharePoint Search options:

  • If you chose specific option, it have their on scope:
  • Search Center: The ability to restrict searching to a site, site collection, to a rule
  • Web Parts: Providing various search functionality. 
  • Best Bets: Allows targeting of data based on a keyword and synonyms. 
  • Advanced Search: Provides more control over the information they are looking for.
  •  Refinements: This is a new feature in SharePoint for search, provides drill down of data using tags and metadata. Examples of this is content type, location, author and metadata tags.

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