Wednesday, 25 January 2017

SharePoint in simple Language?


SharePoint can make your organization paperless.  
Whenever you want to start working on SharePoint, first question comes in mind what SharePoint is? then you search Internet says Its a Document Management, collaboration etc yes right. But explanation required:

First i will describe a scenario For example you have a company and you win a project. Then you find specific persons, have skills at specific technology. You choose 5 persons for this job, after that emails and documents start floating. After sometime no one have idea about document Version, everyone think they have latest and updated document. You create specific folders in your system to save these documents. Huge bundle of documents saved in your system. In future if you want to search specific document, it becomes panic for everyone to get updated version.

1: Search specific skills set person.
2: Documents Updated version for everyone.
3: Documents Searching
4: Usage of Disk space of your system.

So then Microsoft introduced SharePoint how to utilize SharePoint to solve these problems.
For this scenario Just create a new site.
1: Create Document Library add concerns persons in this site and give rights to upload documents.
SharePoint will do automatically versioning with last modified date and modified by.
2: Title search is by default available and its very efficient.
3: SharePoint will get those users who are available in your SharePoint Server(Active Directory).
4: You don't need to worry about Disk Usage Space or security issue it will be on cloud or server.

According to our above discussion do you know what we have learned?
We have learned SharePoint Document Management System and collaboration in SharePoint. Now time to give your precious time to your family. Thanks

Thanks for your precious time. If you will have any query feel free to comment here.

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